The Comrade

Winner > First Time Feature Film
Hiru together with her male friends – Tharu and Rathu are studying in a University close to the Capital of Sri Lanka. They are final year Science Graduates. Their good friend Ravi (Saho) dies in a mysterious way while giving leadership to a protest march organized by the University students to uplift free education. Tharu suffering from a mental disorder takes leadership to oppose the mysterious death of Ravi due to accusations made by his friends including Sandhu, Hiru, and Rathu saying that Ravi’s death was caused by a stone thrown by Tharu.
Their close female friend Sandhu, after finishing her University education one year earlier returns to the University as a temporary Lecturer…
Director > Ariyarathna Athugala
Writer > Ariyarathna Athugala
Producer > Dr. Bandula Guwardana / H.D. Premasiri/ Ravindra Guruge
Key Cast
Dasun Pathirana > “Tharu”
Dinara Punchihewa > “Sandhu”
Harshi Anjumala > “Hiru”
Biyanka Amarasinghe > “Rathu”