The Deadly Secret

Winner > Best Women Film Maker
The Deadly Secret is a nerve-wracking story about Rimba, who thinks she is dead after a car accident. When she meets Arik, a guy she falls in love with, everything is turned upside down. Should she dare to tell him her horrific secret – that she sees the world in black and white, no longer thinks she is alive and that her dead little brother accompanies her everywhere? But how do you tell someone you’re a corpse? It’s a film about suffering from the mental illness of Cotard’s syndrome.
Director > Emma Öhman
Writer > Laura Marken
Producer > Laura Marken

Key Cast
Laura Marken “Rimba”
Ruben Lundström “Arik”
Henrik Norman “Musikproducenten”
Paola Tre Kronor. Oscarsson “Mamman”
Peter Andersson “Pappan”Wallander, Innan vi dör.
Benjamin Svensson “Timmy”