The Fifth Farewell

Winner > Best Actor > Short Film
Levi Hawkins has had the ideal high school career, making great friends and earning himself a spot in a prestigious university, but now he must leave it all behind to start a new chapter. The day before his 4 A.M. flight to JFK, Levi embarks on a tour of goodbyes, parting ways with his past in a series of five farewells. Levi’s companion, Addison, however, has a vastly different path than her counterpart, embodying what it means to part ways with the past without the geographical distance that Levi has to do so. Exploring the journey away from adolescence, “The Fifth Farewell” tells a story about growing up and finding closure with the not-so-distant past
Director > Josh Kazali
Writer > Josh Kazali

Key Cast
Jake Gildred “Levi Hawkins”
Jessica Brown “Addison Everett”