The Film and Me – ‘CineMa’

Sumal is a projector operator at a theater and his dad has also been so. His one dedicated dream is to make his own movie as he has been brought up surrounded by movies and his love for the movies and the technicality of movies by watching and enjoying numerous movies since his childhood.
Jaliya is a handsome young guy who’s working as the assistant of Sumal and he has the same love for the technology of cinema and that becomes the reason why he gets hand in hand with Sumal to make Sumal’s dream come true.
Sagara Premachandra is a veteran of Cinema who’s a writer-director and has the best interest at heart for the development of the cinematic industry.
Ananda is a veteran actor who has been a star in his time and is now disabled due to an accident while working in the industry itself. He has now started a cinema museum due to the undying love he has for cinema.
Thilini is a young girl whose biggest dream since she was a kid, is to become an actress. She comes for auditions in hope of becoming an actress.
Wishwakeerthi is a businessman who had become a film producer. He uses his money to buy away directors’ and writers’ intellectual rights of the movie exploiting the weaknesses of those people.
The movie ‘CineMa – The Film and Me’ develop around these six lives in the field of cinema and how their actions influence their own lives as well as the lives of the people around them. Throughout the movie, the conflicts and dedication of the characters are portrayed in a very heartwarming story while discussing the consciousness of men who have made cinema their life and soul.

Director: Dr. Kapila Krishantha Sooriyaarachchi
Writer: Dr. Kapila Sooriyaarachchi
Producer: Champika Jayanandana

Key Cast
Shyam Fernando “Sumal”
Vihanga Sooriyaarachchi “Jaliya”
Nayanathara Wickramarachchi “Thilini”
Bimal Jayakodi “Wishwakeerthi”

Winners > Best Director Feature Film