The First Loss of My Life

Winner > Best Animated Film
The animation is a free adaptation of a story narrated by Dora Diamant, Franz Kafka’s last companion, who lived with him in Berlin for a few months. When the writer was taking a walk in the Berlin Botanical Garden, near the house where they lived, he encountered a girl who had lost her doll. The girl was crying over the loss and Kafka said that the doll had gone on a trip and was writing letters, which he was receiving. Kafka then went on to meet the girl in the Botanical Garden to read the letters. This lasted for a few weeks until the girl accepted the loss. In the film, the Big Puppet of the Carnival of Olinda, a traditional carnival character, participates in the finale.
João Victor Boechat Gomide- Director
Marcelo Tannure- Director
Eduardo Moreira-Writer
João Victor Boechat Gomide-Producer


Director Biography – João Victor Boechat Gomide, Marcelo Tannure
I have been working since 1996 as a visual effects supervisor and post-production director for film and television. Currently, I am a professor and researcher in the areas of narrative, interactive media, virtual production, and computer graphics, directing undergraduate courses in Computer Graphics and in Game Design at FUMEC University.


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