The Green Woman

Winner > Best First-Time Feature Film
Rommy is an unsuccessful alcoholic writer whose relationship is falling apart. When he begins to suspect that his partner, Mary, is having an affair with him a green woman begins to appear to Rommy. However, it is not long before The Green Woman begins to ask Rommy to do things, strange things.
Director > Kestra Nebula
Writer > Kestra Nebula
Producer > Dia Taylor, Kestra Nebula
Key Cast
Dean Kirkright
Christine Husband
Lauren Gregory
Scott Knight

Director Biography – Kestra Nebula
Kestra Nebula is an transgendered indie film maker. Kestra has previously worked as a producer on the feature “Marital Problems”, Directed by Dia Taylor and produced by Real Merit film. Kestra also Wrote and directed the film “The Green Woman”. Kestra has also worked on a plethora of short films and has some experimental projects on the way. Kestra has also worked filming concerts and theatre performances. Kestra Nebula set up Sehnsucht Films with Dia Taylor in 2015.
Kestra’s Academic achievements include a bachelor’s in Games Production from SAE Qantm Melbourne. Kestra has also successfully completed several small writing courses including the exclusive Stephen Cleary writing and production team.