The Gulf

Winner > Best Short Film, Best Director > Short Film
Living in a world that cannot be taken out during the day, the little girls of a 3-member nuclear family forget the doll at the warehouse a little ahead of the house and leave the house during the day, pushing the mother to make a choice about her life. A short but difficult journey between the house and the warehouse awaits her.
Director > Kumru Karataş
Writer > Kumru Karataş
Producer > İsmet Akgün, Okan Üzey
Key Cast
Ayşegül Altan
Hakan Atalay
Defne İskit

Director Biography
Kumru Karataş
I was born in Istanbul in 1997. In 2013, I started working as a director assistant on sets. In 2015, I started my education at Istanbul Bilgi University Cinema and Television Department. I graduated in 2020. I shot my first short film “The Gulf” in 2022. I am currently working as an assistant director on sets.


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