The Hidden Disease…

Winner > Best First-Time Documentary Film
Women’s bodies are widely neglected by the health care system due to a male bias. The chronic disease endometriosis is an example of
women who are silenced and stigmatized within the medical encounter. They are often discriminated and highly stereotyped which is, amongst others, based on gender-specific prejudices. This documentary uncovers the power dynamics present within the medical encounter by letting 7 women tell their stories. How do these women feel? What are their experiences? How can we ameliorate
their healthcare situation?
Producer & Director: Jana Raschdorf
Camera: Charlotte Bertzen
Script: Marla Steinweg
Narrator: Lauren Powers
Sound: Flo Beese
Editor: Jana Raschdorf
Animator: Lara Siegel
Colorist: Montserrat Arenas