The Immortal

Winner > Best Director > Short Film
Apprentice psychiatrist Dr. Pavel Hristov (33) has recurrent dreams of his patient Lazar (50). The latter tries to convince him he is his father, that Pavel is an Immortal and has to embrace his fate: kill Lazar and take his place. Pavel is mired in dreams and tries to break free – by killing himself. Yet, the Immortal Lazar gets Pavel to do his bidding. Pavel is locked up in a mental asylum; he has killed his father and his pregnant wife.
Director > Nikolay Dimitrov Urumov
Writer > Nikolay Dimitrov Urumov
Producer > Stanislav Semerdjiev

Key Cast
Julian Vergov “Lazar”
Alexander Alexiev “Pavel”
Rashko Maldenov
SAimona Halatcheva


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