The Indifference Between Us

Winner > Best Actress > Short Film
An ignorant, indifferent Chinese-American teenage girl has always been struggling with communicating with her outspoken, immigrant grandmother throughout the ongoing Asian attacks until she herself is directly affected.
Director > Dominick Parungao
Writer > Dominick Parungao
Producer > Dominick Parungao
Key Cast
Eve Zhao

Director Biography
Dominick Parungao
Dominick Parungao is a Filipino-American filmmaker who has always loved telling stories. Through years of exploring, the film became his favorite medium to tell stories and express himself.

Dominick wants to learn how to use his passion for film to share his artistic visions and connect with an audience on a deeper level. Focusing on stories close to their heart, Dominick wants to use his platform to tell stories relating to his morals and cultural background.