the occurrence of colours by night

Winner > Best Experimental Film
The dystopian genderfluid fashion of textile artist Sophie Lenglachner focuses on the beauty of darkness and reflective shimmers of light. The choreography of contemporary dancer Jan Kollenbach plays with the dynamic of oscillating between shadow and brightness. The textile as a canvas leaves its state as an inanimate object to conquer a ruinous industrial landscape.
Sophie Lenglachner-Director
Sophie Lenglachner-Producer
Lydia Flössel-Producer

Director Biography – Sophie Lenglachner
The Austrian textile designer, art filmmaker stage- and costume designer Sophie Lenglachner live and works in Vienna and Magdeburg, investing herself in international productions with works of various media. Her main occupation is as a stage and costume designer for theatre and film. She also organizes and scenographs queer events and is part of various art collectives that do multimedia art installations and performances, examining concepts of dynamic/moveable spaces and their relation to light and sound.