The Red painted shoes

Winner > Jury Special Award (Best Actress)
Charlie, an inspiring artist, wakes up from a nightmare of becoming “The girl with the red dancing shoes “. As she falls into her dream, she wakes and uses the nightmare as an inspiration for her painting. Bailiffs “hired ” by her landlord come to forcefully evict her but she defends herself. Charlie remembers that Guido, her deceased father’s close friend offers her to live rent-free in exchange for sex, she declined and promised to pay. Charlie returns to her work, using her trauma as an inspiration and believing that she will succeed.
Director > Lucia Edwards
Writer > Lucia Edwards, Andreas Junge
Producer > Lucia Edwards, Nicole Lieberman
Key Cast
Lucia Edwards “Charlie”
Guido “Saro Cosentino”
Bailif 1 “Miroslav Navratil”
Bailif 2 “Leif Heikkila”


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