The Repairman

Winner > First Time Feature Film
Attempting to save his sick child, a memory repairman and former hitman, Jack Whitlock, is drawn back to a life he thought he had left behind. When he is blindsided, unintended consequences arise and cause everyone from law enforcement, his former boss, and his current job to begin to question his motives and close in on him for the truth.
Director > Devin Shane Hylton
Writer > Devin Shane Hylton
Producer > Devin Shane Hylton, Kimberly Hamilton Inez.
Key Cast
Silvio Wolf Busch “Jack Whitlock”
Erin Spencer “Logan Thomas”


Director Biography
Devin Hylton was raised in the mountains of Ashcamp KY, and his creativity began to bloom, even before he could crawl. Always creative and always curious about everything and everyone around him, Devin won several statewide poster contests in Elementary School. This was only the tipping point, as Devin went on to work in many creative fields, including publishing several Graphic Novels from companies as diverse as Markosia Enterprises and Arcana Studio.
As a child of the Eighties cinema and television, Devin’s creativity grew even more. The films of Steven Spielberg, David Lynch, Rob Reiner, and Chris Columbus played an important part in his creative development. In addition, the massive influence of George Lucas and Star Wars, Richard Donner’s Superman, the Cinematography of Geoffrey Unsworth, and the writing of Stephen King only laid down the foundation for what was to come. Devin strives to be creative, while never taking his eye off of the universal element that has grabbed everyone since cinema’s beginning, the human story. In The Repairman, Devin’s first feature, a father attempts to save his only child, while trying to repair the memories of his painful past, that may ultimately save her life.