The story of Lola ya Bonobo

Winner > Best Short Documentary
A short documentary about the world’s only bonobo sanctuary (“Lola ya Bonobo” or “Paradise of the bonobos”) fighting every day to save the lives of innocent orphan bonobos.
Bonobos are endemic to the Democratic Republic of Congo, and together with chimpanzees, they are our closest living relatives. Bonobos are also endangered and their numbers in the wild have dropped significantly in recent years due to the numerous threats they face such as habitat destruction and poaching.
Claudine Andre founded Lola ya Bonobo in 1994 with the goal to protect bonobos in the D.R.Congo. Here she talks about where Lola was when it first started, and its future direction. To rescue, rehabilitate, release, and protect bonobos.
Director > Leon Haberkorn
Writer > Leon Haberkorn
Producer > Leon Haberkorn