The struggles between values in reality and finds herself in the garden of escapism. Review Mermaid In The Garden of Escapism.

Mermaid In The Garden of Escapism2



Mermaid In The Garden of Escapism is a short experimental movie directed, written, and produced by Lyn Yuan, as a first-time filmmaker she has done a remarkable job.

Mermaid In The Garden of Escapism is a two-part experimental piece. The visual narrative’s first segment consists of dialogue-free, highly colored images that highlight numerous beauty-related accouterments (mirror, luxurious, black clothing, diamonds, pearls, etc.).

As the movie begins with a young woman lying in the lush green grass, which gives hope and smile to the viewers, but soon the calm and smiley face of the young girl turned into grey footage which is very noisy and that makes her confused for a short while and but she keeps her cool and shows determination.

The end note to the movie makes the short film very relevant to the subject, the gender gap and gender inequality. and as well as her fixed determination to follow her own way of life no matter what the reality is.