The Thank You

Winner > Best Short Film  (SWEDISH)   Best Actress  (SWEDISH)
Lina and Jennifer, who are best friends, make a pact after a strange incident in the park. From now on, they will be grateful for everything in life and not complain about anything. When they go to a summer cottage with some friends, their pact is put to the test. Lina has invited a guy who likes her, and with her new philosophy, she should be grateful for that. Jennifer is immediately skeptical of Lina’s impulsive enthusiasm for the pact. As a vulnerable and drunk Lina manically goes further and further with the pact, the inevitable disaster is just around the corner.
The Thank You is an investigative film that tackles the theme of gratitude and asks if gratitude can go too far. Can gratitude be destructive? And where should the limit be drawn?
Noe Lou Deflorin-Director
Noe Lou Deflorin-Writer
Luna Haraldsson-Producer
Key Cast
Agnes Jacobson “Lina”

Director – Noe Lou Deflorin