The Woman Who Stops the Wind

Winner > Best Short Documentary
The film is about Marija Srhoj, an 86-year-old disabled matriarch of the Srhoj family. She is a healer, natural herbalist, spiritual soul, and poet. It is also about the place where she was born and lived, Lovište on the Croatian coast, which itself embodies the history of Marija’s life.
This film goes back into the photo archives and the memories of Marija’s childhood and youth in the 1940s and 1950s when the inequalities of life between men and women in some parts of Croatia were the norm. It also shows Marija’s interactions with locals who come to her for advice on growing plants or because of a pinched muscle. That’s where Marija’s mischievous side “steals the show,” which is also a melancholic ode to her late husband Ivan, the sailor, and their boat, which is no more.
Vesna Marich – Director
Mladen Bilić – Writer
Vesna Marich – Producer

Director Biography – Vesna Marich
With more than 40 years of experience in television, radio, theatre, and film work, first in the Former Yugoslavia and then in the UK, Vesna Marich’s creative output hasn’t come to an end yet. There are still stories to be told in the form of documentary film, which has been Vesna’s chosen film genre both in recent times and in the past. Vesna was given 18 awards for her documentary films that were produced both in the UK and Bosnia.