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Winner > Best Narrative Short
Since joining the special forces, Mirko’s life has been torn between his family and his unit. When the suspicion suddenly arises that his girlfriend Rabea might have reported a radical right-wing chat message from the unit to Internal Affairs, Mirko is in danger of losing both.
Frederic Kau: Director
Nick Buckenauer: Writer
Frederic Kau: Writer
Laurian Luis Schymura: Producer

Director Biography – Frederic Kau
Frederic Kau, who grew up in Munich, studied political science at Cambridge University and initially worked as a management consultant. However, he had to admit that he could no longer ignore his passion for film and decided to try out the various areas of filmmaking at the London Film School. There he came to the understanding that directing should be the focus of his filmmaking and thus specialized in directing at the Hamburg Media School.