Trek to Neverland

Winner > Best First-Time Feature Film
Ekansh, who is a part of today’s digital Gen-z, represents the altruistic and egalitarian mindset of the Indian Youth striving hard to build a utopian society for tomorrow. After rising through the ranks of youth politics in Delhi, EKANSH witnesses the havoc of finding a political voice in India. The fundamentals of his beliefs are challenged after a peaceful protest, that he organized, turns into a bloody riot resulting in a massacre.
Ekansh then embarks on a camping trip with fellow hippie campers to find life’s deeper meanings and his own political and philosophical voice in the socio-political ecosystem created within the country. During his surrealistic journey, he encounters several situations which change him as a person and makes him question India’s Democracy.
Aniket Dabas-Director
Eklavya Sood-Writer
Eklavya Sood-Producer
Anirudh Sood-Producer
Rahul Sharma-Producer