Unacceptable? Movie Review


Title: Unacceptable? Running time: 2h 34m Genre: Documentary Director: Benjamin Haab Producer: Johanna Marie Haab, Benjamin Haab



We are living Canadian history in real-time, which is sure to go down in the books; the story is still being written. Our crew went to Ottawa to see firsthand what was happening at the “Freedom Convoy to Ottawa 2022”. We started with the intention of gathering footage for a short five-minute summary of what was happening on the ground in Ottawa…

Unacceptable is a riveting documentary that depicts the genuine events of the Freedom Convoy to Ottawa in 2022, which had a tremendous influence on every Canadian. As this event exploded onto the worldwide stage, the entire world watched. The consequences of these events will surely define our nation’s history, and we must understand the entire picture.
The team Unacceptable? has done a fairly great job compiling the journey of the Freedom Convoy to Ottawa. It is a story of spreading voices for freedom of choice.
We know that COVID-19 and the coronavirus have not just affected our lives but also restricted our freedom of movement and expression.

The documentary film criticized the Canadian Prime Minister for his speech against the Freedom Convoy in the context of the COVID vaccination. It also criticized the media’s role during that time.
This documentary is based on the stories of people from Canada and within Canada. There is also a storyteller who shares his experience of moving to Canada and appreciates the behavior of the Canadian people. As per his story, the Canadian people are very friendly and welcoming.
The documentary film Unacceptable? is a unique movie that followed thousands of trucks to demonstrate the value and importance of freedom in people’s lives.

If we talk about the technical aspects of the movie, it is a well-planned movie, and the camera work is spot-on. The knitting of the storytelling is also to the point and takes the audience with itself. The editing looks great, the lighting in the interview looks perfect, and the background music is also good, but sometimes it feels like it is too much; it would have had even greater effects if the constant music in the background had been avoided.
Unacceptable? Competed in the Boden International Film Festival in two major categories and won the Best First-Time Documentary Film category.