Winner > Best First-Time Documentary Film
We are living Canadian history in real-time which is sure to go down in the books; the story is still being written. Our crew went to Ottawa to see firsthand what was happening at the “Freedom Convoy to Ottawa 2022”. We started with the intention of gathering footage for a short five-minute summary of what was happening on the ground in Ottawa… we had no idea what this would become.
Benjamin Thomas Haab-Director
Benjamin Thomas Haab-Producer
Johanna Marie Haab-Producer

Director Biography – Benjamin Thomas Haab
Raised on a dairy farm near Fort St. John, BC, Ben is known for his infectious positivity and boundless energy. After a broadcast internship in Lethbridge, AB, Ben was led to Vancouver Film School where he graduated with honors. Ben spent a year abroad filming in Switzerland with his wife before settling down in the Peace Region.
In 2007, shortly after starting his employment at Eagle Vision, Ben partnered with the founder and worked hard to grow the company. Ben and his wife, Johanna, bought out the remaining partners in 2018 – a big move for the future of the company. Ben knew intrinsically when the Convoy started rolling, there was a story to be told. With a sense of conviction and a massive leap of faith, he employed the use of his team and embarked across the country adding tens of thousands of kilometers to the truck. The result of dozens of incredible personal testimonies, bold exposure of media division, and countless hours in post-production over the past year are what he is proud to present to audiences across Canada in “Unacceptable?”