Uncommon Negotiator

Winner > Best First Time Short Film, Best Director > Short Film
A young pastor’s world is turned upside-down when he’s suddenly thrust into a dangerous hostage situation. The only way he’ll be able to get anyone out alive is by bravely reaching out to appeal to the soul of a violent gunman.
Director > Brian Glassford
Writer > Daniel Pierce, Brian Glassford
Producer > Brian Glassford, Bayley Holt, Lesley Glassford, Daniel Roebuck, Lance Larson.
Key Cast
Landon Jacob Lee “Garrett”
Daniel Roebuck “Rick Hodges”
James Black “Chief Wells”
Megan Elizabeth Barker “Janelle”
Vicky Dawson “Sharon”

Director Biography
Brian Glassford grew up in America’s heartland and at age 10, used his father’s super-8 camera to record films that captured his imagination. Even at that age, Brian was aware of the power of the visual medium. Years later, he would come to a life-changing discovery – learning to use film and video as a means of storytelling.
Themes of faith and family are hallmarks of Brian’s work. Combining his vision as a director and his skill for working with talent, each project possesses a feeling of hope and of life that can not only be seen but also felt.
He produced his first narrative film, Getting Grace in 2017, a story filled with enchanting characters living through the paradox of loving deeply in the face of loss.
Now, with Uncommon Negotiator (2022), Brian makes his Directorial debut telling the true story of a young pastor’s world turned upside-down when he is suddenly thrust into a dangerous hostage situation.
Brian passionately believes in powerful stories that shape people’s lives. He has committed his energy to faith organizations that focus on redemptive and restorative work around the world.