Unconditional love means you love a person without any strings attached, flaws and all. Unconditionally tests the true meaning of love when Lisa finds out that she is pregnant. Lisa tries to hide this news from her husband Gavin because of a secret she holds; she slept with her husband’s brother and it’s possible he could be the father. In a moment of sheer happiness, Gavin accidentally finds the pregnancy results and was ecstatic believing he’s going to be a father, so much so that he wanted to share this news with his brother.
Lisa insists that he shouldn’t, and after an impulsive decision, Lisa blurts her secret. This shocking news spirals Gavin into madness, threatening the life of Lisa. Luckily, Gavin is able to control his fatal thoughts, and recommits to Lisa, professing his love and loyalty in spite of her flaws…or not.
Director: Sosiessia Nixon
Writer: Sosiessia Nixon
Producer: Sosiessia Nixon
Key Cast
Ermaine “Zbek” Nelson “Gavin”
Quera South “Lisa”