Venus in the…

Winner > Best First Time Short Film
Cansu and Oguz, a couple in their mid-twenties, have deeply loved each other for many years. Oguz is a strong person who always supports and motivates his partner whereas Cansu’s love is inspiring for everyone around but she is always afraid about becoming distanced from Oguz. However, this fear unexpectedly turns into different feelings when her concerns become real in the most extreme way. Even though the self-alienation, she subsequently legitimizes the absence of pain when the memories are recalled. When her neighbor Deniz who is her colleague in his mid-thirties fills her void, the dilemma between betrayal and relief rapidly fades away.
Director > Yusuf Olmez
Writer > Okan Acmak, Yusuf Olmez
Producer > Yusuf Olmez, Adnan Olmez
Key Cast
Sena Basdogan “Cansu”
Ibrahim Halacoglu “Deniz”
Serkan Ilgaz “Oguz”