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The visuals of “VOICES” are inspired by the artist’s heritage: the Mapuche indigenous tribe in Chile, known as the People Of The Earth.
In Mapuche mythology, Antu represents the Sun (pictured through the golden palette), as well as light, wisdom, and spirit, and is married to Kueyen, a Wangulén spirit that represents the moon, (which we brought to life through the silver set up). In this video, the singer appears as both the Sun & the Moon as a visual representation of light and darkness, of femininity and masculinity. The duality of our own spirituality and our internal voices.
Vittoria Rizzardi Peñalosa-Director
Vittoria Rizzardi Peñalosa-Writer
Ceili McGeever-Producer

Director Biography – Vittoria Rizzardi Peñalosa

Cinderella Balthazar is a Belgian-born singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, and fashion-forward icon based in London. Her latest single “VOICES”, a cinematic journey, portrays a message of hope and emotional strength.
Influenced by her multicultural heritage, her journey of self-discovery, and her struggles to overcome social disadvantages, her music paints a blank canvas with her storytelling and emotion-evoking lyricism.
Her debut album “TOUGH JOURNEY” is set for release next spring. Cinderella is set to leave an impact on the music scene with her captivating vocals and her music radiates an inspiring aura that many will be able to find comfort in.
Her native Mapuche ancestry is a big influence on her aesthetic and values. She stands for women’s empowerment and prioritizes working with female creatives in the music and fashion scenes.