Wall of Air

Winner > Best Short Film, Best Director > Short Film
Zhengmin, a young “North defector”, narrowly escaped the gunfire of the Korean border guards, sneaked into Xiulian’s house, a villager who had just lost his daughter, and was kindly taken in. Zhengmin met MINXIU of the same age in the village through a ball. They gradually became friends. On the day they got to know each other, the vicious murder of the “North defector” occurred, and the whole region began to hunt down the “North defector”, The village head inquired about the news and began to search Zhengmin door to door. Xiulian and MINXIU tried to help Zhengmin escape, but they accidentally exposed Zhengmin’s whereabouts. By the Tumen River, they finally gathered here with different purposes, but all stopped suddenly under the sound of a gun……

Director Biography
于 耀
In 2022, Directed the short film 《Wall of Air》.