When He Comes Back

Winner > Best Actress > Feature Film
Lucy has been in Seattle for years now. Her father, Ken, is in LA with his new fiance, a woman Lucy can only call “that woman”. Lucy has been dating Leon for long enough to know that she isn’t sure. Still, they have become engaged, but as the marriage grows closer the one thing that could derail everything happens: Cary returns to Seattle. Cary and Lucy got to know one another while they were both at the college. Lucy loved photography and Cary was a handsome model for her to practice on. During their time together, a romance seemed inevitable, but somehow, never happened. Instead, the years went by and Lucy grew closer and closer to Leon, originally a good friend of Cary’s before Cary eventually left Seattle and moved to Beijing. Our story opens with Cary’s return and the discovery that he still doesn’t know if his old friends have become engaged while he was away or does he. Lucy and Leon pick Cary up at the airport and the three take a trip across Washington to visit Cary’s uncle Bill in the country for a weekend of duck hunting and nature photography. Things start to get complicated when Lucy and Leon break the news of their engagement to Cary, who we quickly realize still has feelings for Lucy. Things get even more complicated when Leon decides to force Lucy into sex while Cary sits in the next room, prompting a confrontation between Cary and Leon that results in a black eye for Leon. Over the coming day, it appears that everyone has said what they need to say and has been able to put the past behind them, but the following morning, Leon is found unconscious in the mud by the rocks with a serious head wound.


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