Where I’m From, Movie Review


A surrealist music film that delves into the psyche of two artists, whose paths collide and dreams become synchronized as they face their shadows and unmask their true selves (Synopsis)
Where I’m From is an experimental music-based movie, Written & Directed by Sina Nazarian and Produced by Sina Nazarian & Tania Rahimikhshavaz.

Where I’m From trying to show the shades of the human psyche, begins with very touching musical instruments, and the movie is properly described by the teacher giving a lecture in the class. the teacher explains the human psyche by giving the example of childhood, he says when we are children and raised by our parents, we are forced to do things that others want us to do, he further tries to say that in that process our actual dreams get darker.
Where I’m From is trying to tell the viewers that we human beings are influenced and forced by others to follow their commands. But if we realized the truth we can surely find the real of us.
The storyboard of Where I’m From is nicely written, the screenplay looks to the point, and the music gives much more relevance to the subject of the movie. The camera work, cinematography, and post-production also look amazing.

The characters of Where I’m From did a wonderful job, both of the main male and female characters were extremely good with their acting, and they played great with expressions. Overall Where I’m From is a good effort by its team.