Yellow Polka Dot

Winner > Best LGBT Film
Sandra and Barbara are enjoying a day at the beach with their partners in 1962. The night before they all went out to a nightclub. The men bonded, as well as the women, albeit in very different fashions.
Director > Tin Nguyen
Writer > Ben Kurstin
Producer > Tin Nguyen, Ben Kurstin
Key Cast
Amy Stricker
Tori Lane Ross

Director Biography
Tin Nguyen
Born in Chicago, IL, and raised in Austin, TX, Tin studied directing at Columbia College Chicago’s Masters in Fine Arts program which he completed in 2015. His focus and drive to produce, bring together and work with collaborative artists has allowed him to bring varied stories to life while fostering a community that can express themselves through their respective craft. No matter the genre, he hopes to evoke as much feeling as he can through the use of images and sound through film. Since the beginning of his career he has worked on various types of work in the motion picture medium, now focusing on Producing, Photographing, and Directing Narrative Films through his co-founded production company, “54 Script Productions”