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It all began with a terrible fight between ANTON DAGUILES (Ramon Christopher) and his wife Ibeth four years ago. It resulted in a fatal car accident that involved his wife and his 15-year-old son, KNIGHT (Joaquin Domagoso). Ibeth was intoxicated when she drove the vehicle with her son. Due to Knight’s head trauma, he developed an eye disease that slowly affected his optic nerve and caused his gradual blindness. At 19, Knight has become totally blind. Ibeth mysteriously disappeared from the hospital. Anton went with his mistress to the US leaving his only son with his control-freak father, CARLOS DAGUILES (Nanding Josef). Knight now lives with Lolo Carlos in Quezon with his caring Nanny, MAMAY CHED (Lotlot de Leon). Due to his angsts and hang-ups, Knight has become stubborn and suicidal. His grandpa’s discouraging words all the more crush him inside, leaving him feeling worthless. Amid his blindness, Knight develops a “special” skill. His sense of hearing has gone too sharp and clear that he could even hear a pin drop. Since his stay in the mansion, Knight has been hearing “strange” wailings of a woman. He begins “seeing” a silhouette female form standing in the dark right in front of him. The kaleidoscope of lights and the strange wailing sound begin to bother Knight, but his frequent fights with his grandpa only make things worse. Along the way, Knight gets reunited with his childhood playmate, ELLIE (Aneesa Guttierez). She would sneak into Knight’s house or would take him out for a walk. But things and events begin to puzzle Knight. His Lolo Carlos is murdered! Next is his Nanny, Mamay Ched. Could Knight be living another life? Then the surprise killer surfaces—DANOS! (Kiko Matos). He has an axe to grind against the Daguileses. Knight discovers that the wailing lady is under Danos’ custody. Danos is angry and psychotic. He is obsessed to kill all the Daguileses as an act of revenge. Ellie, on the other hand, is Knight’s savior. In the end, a revelation of Ellie’s real persona shocks Knight. She is a wandering “GHOST”, the silhouette form of a woman that Knight sees in his dreams and hallucinations. It will be revealed that Danos raped and killed Ellie a year ago because of his anger and obsession. Knight kills Danos with the help of Ellie’s ghost. Anton comes back and promises to make things right for his blind son, Knight.
Adolf Alix jr. Director
Gina marissa Tagasa. Writer
EDWIN Uy ROXAS. Producer